Maskara #1

I’ve recently started writing a new story which I’m hoping to turn into a novel. This is the first one I’ve started in years and the concept is both daunting and exciting. I hope to publish this one a few years down the road so I know it would be rewritten and edited countless times. Still, I’m very glad that my writing has improved much since I first started writing long fiction. I’ve started a very rudimentary outline and fleshed out my main characters and their motivations.

So, what is Maskara about?

Maskara is set in an alternative Steampunk world where the Philippines won both its war for independence against Spain and the Philippine-American war. As such, it has developed into a society which is greatly divided between several factions that split after the war. The main protagonists are a group of students who become tangled in a secret society which has aimed to enter politics and the mainstream consciousness. What they do and why their members are so radicalized is unknown to our heroes.

I’ve started writing the first chapter- no prologue this time!- and I’m pleased with what I have so far. Two of the heroes are journalism students so their chapters will begin with snippets of articles, while another is a literature student whose chapters will begin with various literary and historical works.

I hope that I will be able to finish this book and share with you what happens next!

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