Misplaced Monday #1

Today, I’ve also decided to try out Merv Reads‘ Misplaced Monday. It’s basically about reviewing or sharing thoughts and feelings on books that I’ve read before I started this blog. I thought I’d go on a Gail Carson Levine kick to start my posts.

The first book is The Two Princesses of Bamarre. I recently found my old, tattered copy of this book while searching my drawers so I thought I’d go on a trip down memory lane.

It’s been so long since I read this- about nine years, I think? It was part of a Gail Carson Levine boxed set my dad gave me one Christmas and I remember it was the last one I read because it was the only one that didn’t seem based off a fairytale. When I read this book, it was only me and one of my sisters. The last one wasn’t born yet and we had a large age gap of ten years. I was older than one of my sisters by one-and-a-half years so we do pretty much everything together, play together, that kind of thing. Reading this book made me think of my sister a lot. I guess in some ways, I can see their relationship in ours.

Besides the awesome princess sisterhood present, the story presents a cowardly princess having to go off to save her brave elder sister who got sick with an incurable disease. I can tell you that this story made me cry when I was younger. What I really remember are the emotions I felt while reading, not so much the details, although I do remember the basic plot. Gail Carson Levine’s worldbuilding was great and I enjoyed reading every moment of it. I also loved the poems and songs she included in the book and I would try to read or sing those when I was a kid. I also had fun with the made-up languages and tried to pronounce them.

Will I re-read this book? Probably. It’s one of those books that truly has a special place in my heart.

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