Writing: Digging in The Grave of Unfinished WIPs

Today, I decided to take a little trip down memory lane and think of all the original WIPs I’ve had in the past. I’m not going to talk about my earliest public writing not because I’m embarrassed I wrote fanfic, but because I’m embarrassed at how legitimately terrible they were. Digging around my old Wattpad account, I discovered poetry and short fiction that makes me want to cry because of how bad it was. For perspective, I only found two I can potentially save, polish, and post here. However, on the side of longer works, I did find some ideas that I really do truly like. There’s 12(!) in total. Here’s what it’s like in The Grave of Unfinished WIPs:

  • Autumn’s Queen– Adult Epic Fantasy. Actually kind of half-dead? This is the most beloved of my WIPs. I only burned out because I decided to rewrite without finishing the first draft. In my defense, my changes were too big. I might still revive it in a different form down the line. Also features faeries and technology. I actually just wrote a drabble about this which I might post tomorrow.
  • Midnight Cinderella–  Young Adult. Epic Fantasy. Set in the same universe as Autumn’s Queen, but also kind of different? Features a LOT of political intrigues and family drama.
  • Blood Rose– New Adult? Kind of a Beauty and the Beast retelling featuring a female ‘Beast’. Also Russian setting, historical drama, and badass warrior females. I’m kind of sad I abandoned this because it was one of the moments where my writing really started to get better.
  • The Darkness Within– Vampires. But like, lots of different kinds of vampires. There’s lamiae, other types of vampires (see Filipino mananangal), Bram Stoker type vampires (but no one likes them), and even Lilith. Also half-vampire vampire hunters and a vampire school.
  • Love Cafe– Once upon a time, I wanted to write a sweet and cheesy contemporary YA. It features a cafe where couples fall in love and one of my favorite tropes: Enemies to Lovers. Would have had an HEA.
  • A Summer in Paris– Another YA Contemporary. About a girl who goes on a vacation in Paris and finds love. Tragic romance. Side note: Most of my main romances don’t have a lot of happy endings for some reason. Side characters in my stories are more likely to find HEAs.
  • Dark Paradise– It’s a twisted Alice in Wonderland retelling. The twist here involves an insane Alice who happens to be the Red Queen’s daughter raised by her aunt and uncle in modern-day London. Involves some pretty trippy and pretty dark stuff.
  • Dark Melody– Note to self: Stop overusing the word ‘dark’ in my titles. Paranormal. Music-focused. One of my earliest ideas in like 2013? Involves a cursed violin, a gloomy lake, and brooding paranormal boys (this is a trend in my earlier stuff). The writing is relatively clean BUT I lost it because I’m a moron who didn’t back up her work when Figment closed. Ugh.
  • Smoke and Mirrors– a Darker type of contemporary with two POVs featuring characters on the opposite sides of the tracks, if you will. Secrets, mental health issues, discussions about societal and familial expectations.
  • Nightmares– Once upon a time, I wanted to write a series of loosely-connected works called The Twisted Fairytales Collection. Very original, I know. But this is before the market for fairytale retellings became over-saturated. It’s a Sleeping Beauty retelling where Sleeping Beauty slips into a coma and enters a realm called the Land of Nightmares. Love Triangle (-ish) with the villain.
  • Syrens- Set in the world of Nightmares where the Little Mermaid lures men into her corner of the sea in the Land of Nightmares. The protagonist is Sleeping Beauty’s cousin. He’s like the ‘Prince Eric’ of the story.
  • Teen Fight Club– One of the weirdest ideas I’ve had. Involves an underground fight club for 16-19-year-olds. Also contemporary. Also features enemies to lovers. Kind of problematic?

Another thing about all of these was that I conceptualized each one while I was in high school so around 13-15. I didn’t come up with a lot of new story ideas in college because I was busy studying. Of course, that was until Maskara came along and made me love writing again.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane! If you have comments and suggestions, please leave it down below and tell me about what you think! Tomorrow, I’ll post maybe two drabbles or a new book review.

2 thoughts on “Writing: Digging in The Grave of Unfinished WIPs

  1. Kat

    Interesting past works you have! I tried looking through some old pieces of writing recently, but it was far too cringe-y, though I suppose that’s a good thing because it shows how much has improved!

    Liked by 1 person

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