Hi, my name’s Alexia. I’m 20 years old.

I’m a law student from the Philippines and I started this blog because of a long reading slump. For years, my reading list has been mostly law books and other academic books. Edit 7/7/2019 Since, I’m about to enter law school I probably won’t be able to update much anymore, although I’ll still try to write whenever possible.

I’ve burned out recently and decided to get back into reading fiction to improve my mood. It worked and I’ve been more enthusiastic about my goals recently and happier in general. I also decided to start this blog since I had attempted to blog seriously in the past only for it never to really work out. I have a Goodreads account but I didn’t review every book I read so I tend to forget a lot of things.

Other than books, things I’m interested in include debate, music (I write song lyrics), writing (I also write both prose and poetry), and law. I try not to get political on my blog, although if you follow my social media, you might see things related to Philippine politics.

Here are the genres that I might post about on this blog:

  • Fantasy (Mostly Adult and YA Epic Fantasy with the occasional Urban Fantasy )
  • Science Fiction (Favorites include Alternate Histories or Space Opera)
  • Classics
  • Mystery

I don’t tend to plan anything except for book reviews. I might do book-related challenges and themed lists. Please feel free to suggest the types of content you might want to see on this blog!

You can connect with me on social media through Twitter (@alexiacambaling), Instagram (@alexia_cambaling), and Tumblr (The Bookworm Daydreamer)