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Year of the Asian Reading Challenge 2019: Wrap-Up
Re-Reading Gardens of the Moon: Better the Second Time Around
Let’s Talk About: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
Let’s Talk About: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway
Let’s Talk About: A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf
Outgrowing YA, SFF Burnout, and Trying out Literary Fiction
Two Years of Blogging: How Books Helped Me Pick Myself Up Every Time



My 2019 Blog and Life Goals
My Addiction to the Elder Scrolls (Or Why I Haven’t Been [a lot] Reading Lately)
I’ve Read Dozens of Fantasy Books And Still Nothing Compares To Reading ‘The Eye of the World’ For the First Time
I’m Participating in the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge 2019!
Blogging Hiatus is Over! (+ The Bookworm Daydreamer’s 1 Year Anniversary)
Let Women Be Feminine: The Strong Female Character in Fiction
7 SFF Books and Series I’d Love To See Adapted in TV/Movies/Games
How I Learned To Love Novellas
How Fantasy Romanticizes the Concept of Royalty
In Which I Gush About Kindles and E-Books
Let’s Talk About: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley


Weekly Wrap-Up: March 17-23
March 2019 Wrap-Up!
Weekly Wrap Up: March 31- April 6


To-Finish: The Master and Margarita (The importance of finding the “right” translation)



What I’ve Learned from Five Months of Book Blogging
Trouble Reading Classics
On The Poppy War and Adult SFF
Classic Fantasy and Stories I Want to Read
Why I Annotate My Books
How Books Improved My Mood
How I Learned To Appreciate Shorter Books
Getting Into Classics & A Mini Update
How I’ll Be Reviewing Classics
Prioritizing Books & Genre Burnout
#Augvocacy2018: Top 5 Books That Got Me Into Reading
Why I Side-Eye “Historical Accuracy” in Fantasy
Why I Love Playing RPGs


To Finish: War and Peace
To-Finish: A Game of Thrones
To-Finish: Dune
To-Finish: Sadie
To-Finish: The Master and Margarita (The importance of finding the “right” translation)
Reading Dune
Reading Dune: New Series Intro + New Blog Feature!
Reading Dune: Part 1


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March 2018 Wrap-Up


3 Days, 3 Quotes Book Tag Day #1
Mid Year Book Freakout Tag! 2018