Review Policy

I am not accepting review requests at the moment. Thank you for understanding.


  • Please feel free to contact me at if you’re interested in having me review your book.


  • I mainly read Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, and Historical Fiction books. Adult and YA are fine with me.
  • I’m NOT accepting requests for Romance (even if in Historical Fiction), Horror, Literary Fiction, and Contemporary.
  • I do not accept pure Literary Fiction, but anything that has sci fi or fantasy elements is okay wih me.
  • I prefer books with little to no NSFW content.
  • I try to post reviews quickly and will inform you when the review will be up.
  • I post reviews on Goodreads.
  • I may also post reviews on Amazon if you prefer.
  • My reviews will be honest. Positive reviews are not guaranteed.
  • Paperback copies are great but if you can’t ship to the Philippines, ePub copies are preferable.
  • I’m also fine with Audiobooks. I love Audiobooks and I would also love to review them.
  • Reviews may take from a week to a month. I give priority to review copies so it shouldn’t take more than three weeks, usually. If it takes more, I’m very sorry but all I can say is please be patient. Sometimes I can get very overwhelmed and busy.

Other Things

  • For my readers, I will note if I receive a book from an author or publisher. I do not accept monetary compensation for my book reviews.
  • I might also put up content warnings if there are particularly violent scenes depicted or anything which may need a trigger warning.
  • If you would like me to conduct an author interview, I would also love to do that.
  • I will note once I start getting busy with school again. Reviews may slow down in around August.

Rating Scale:

5 stars = I absolutely adored and loved the book and I can find no flaws in it whatsoever.
4 stars = It’s a very good book with some flaws
3 stars = It’s okay. It’s not bad but it’s mostly a mixed bag.
2 stars = Disappointing but not without good points.
1 star = I really disliked the book and maybe even actively hate it.